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Ripar Surf School Peniche Portugal






- Are you open all year?



-Will I find participants from many nationalities?

Well, we can’t control that, but we’ve been receiving persons from almost all countries of Europe, and some other around rest of the world.


-What is the average age of the group participants?

The average goes between 25 and 35, but we have often families, younger people with less then 25, and older with more than 40 years old. We believe that the age is not chronological, but it depends of what you feel and the way you live.


-Does Praia da Areia Branca has all the facilities for a quality surfing holiday?

Yes, it’s a small beach village but it has everything you may need. Supermarkets, local market with fresh fish and fruits, restaurants, bars, snack-bars, ATM machines, and places to chill in a very close range. And you can walk everywhere! 

And in case of a health problem, the hospital and pharmacies are located just 3km away, in Lourinhã, the main village of the district. We can take you there any time.


-Where is the nearest internet spot?

On our surf base you may use our internet service, and you have several cyber-cafés.


-Is there any surf shop around?

Yes, just next to our surf base, you can find Backdoor Surf Shop ( ) our partner since 2003


-Where is the nearest airport?

Lisbon, 67km.


-How do I get to Praia da Areia Branca?

Check our location page.


-I have some days before/after the surf course to travel, where do you recommend me to go?

Lisbon. Is a beatutiful, historical and cosmopolitan city. 


-I’m staying in Portugal for a long vacation period. Do you offer anything for long timers?

Yes. Please note that any long-timer or else special packages should be settled with us individually, so don’t hesitate to contact us on case you’re interested.




-Are there beginners and intermediate classes, or the whole group goes together?

It depends from the natural conditions. When it’s possible, we try to join the both levels together. Peniche area is excellent in this issue. If the conditions are more specific, we divide the group in different levels in order to teach the appropriate techniques.


-Do I need to start always the surf course on Mondays?

No, we are flexible on that, although we recommend Mondays for a better teaching organization and for a better group dynamic.


-I’ll bring my kids with me, can they surf?

Yes, that the spirit and the best way to enjoy the waves! It may happen that your kids learn a lot faster than you, so don’t loose your motivation. We don’t have a minimum age required, as long as they know how to swim, hold the breath under water when diving and have a good body motor control.


-The improver level correspond to intermediate and advanced levels?

Yes. Although our surf courses comprehend group lessons, our instructions are always specific, and each student is taught individually according with his needs.

But most important, we depend on natural conditions to grant a good advanced techniques teaching. 


-In witch language do you teach the participants?

All our instructors are fluent in Portuguese and English. 


-Are lunch included on the surf courses and is there a break between the sessions?

Yes. A lunch pack is included on the surf course packages. There’s a one hour break between the two sessions where you can eat and relax.


-In case of renting equipment, can we follow the group during the lessons?

It’s important that you have a car for that. If the surf lessons take place on the beach just in front, you can walk and join us whenever you want. If we choose other spots, and you need transportation on our van, it will cost 10€ per day, if available. 




-How many days in advance do we need to book?

It depends on the season.Earlier you book, better options you may find. But if you have a last minute inquiry, please drop us a line...


-Do you give discounts?

Yes, to groups with more than 6 persons and to our regular clients.


-Do you offer discounts if we bring our own equipment?

Yes, the discount is per day, per person, during the surf lessons:

Surf Board and Wetsuit – 7 Euros discount

Surf Board – 5 Euros discount

Wetsuit – 2 Euros discount


-How do we pay the reservation fee?

You can pay by bank transfer or by pay pal process. 


-When should we pay the rest of the booking amount?

We kindly ask you to settle the payment at your arrrival, or at least 4 days before your departure. If you prefer, you have the option to pay the total amount before your arrival.


-What happens if I have to leave earlier than intended?

By principle, we'll stick to our general travel condition policies (detailed in the travel

Contract) stating that no refunds can be made after the beginning of the package, and full amount for the package will still remain.

Please consider contracting a travel insurance in advance that refunds you for

whatever might be the circumstances for your cancellation, especially illness. 


-Do I need to send the signed contract, or can I sign it there?

No, you don’t need to send a signed contract. You can check on our booking terms on our website and we send you the contract policies before you finish your booking. You can read it and sign it here, after you arrival.

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