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Ripar Surf School Peniche Portugal


Packing your bags


Done with your booking? It’s time to start packing your bags!!


Check list recommended:


1 - Swim suit and a rash fast to wear underneath the wetsuit (the rash fast is not expensive and it will be very useful on your surfing holiday. You get it here at Backdoor Surf Shop)

2 - Very strong sun protection cream (at least more than factor nº 50)

3 - Sun block for the face or Zink Cream for sensitive areas (nose and lips).

4 - Sun glasses and cap

5 - Aloe Vera (relieves sun burn)

6 - Beach towel

7 - Water proof hear plugs in case of hear problems

8 - European Health Card.

9 - Some warm clothes for the nights (the air temperatures drops a bit when the sun goes down)

10 - Camera

11 - Motivation

12 - Open minded to make new friendships


Surfing is an exhausting activity. If you don’t practice any regular sport, we strongly recommend that you make a physical preparation before your surfing holiday. You can attend a gym, swimming pool or some other sport activity that you enjoy.


It would be great that just because you booked a holiday with us, you’ll start immediately changing your routine for a better life style. 


Get up and live!

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