Since 2003 that Ripar brings Yoga to the surfing community in Areia Branca.

The the ancient knowledge of Yoga, and its benefits on surfing, are now subject of great interest and plenty of top surfers nowadays include surfing in their training routines.

It is a well known now, that Yoga is a great surfing enhancer as you work strength, balance, flexibility and focus during Yoga practices and that affects directly your efficiency in the water, your recovery time in between surf sessions, the likely to have lesions and your connection to Nature.

In Ripar, our certified yoga teacher practices and teaches Yoga Sámkhya, which is a traditional form of Yoga that goes way before the original Yoga codification by Patanjali in his Yoga Sutras, in a time when there existed only One Yoga and Yoga (which means ‘to join’) and Sámkhya (‘number’ or ‘reason’) where the same.  Through the work of the 14 technical disciplines (Dhyána/Samadhi, Ásana, Pránayama, Kryá, Pujá, Nyása, Mantra/Kírtana, Mánasika, Jápa Tala, Jápa Shesha, Mudrá, Yantra, Bandha, Yoganidrá) we aim to develop, in harmony, all your positive aspects for a more natural, wholesome existence and an even more joyful surfing experience.


As a surfer and a medical doctor (GP trainee), our Yoga instructor tailors the practice to meet the needs of your body, with great care for the anatomy of both surfing and Yoga, the food we eat, the time of the day we practice, our personal goals and the relation to the beautiful surrounding Nature of Areia Branca.

The practices* can be held in the beach, in the lovely (and flower smelling) deck of our surf school or in an amazing 13th century fortress over the sea, according to weather cast and personal/group preferences.

*Each practice finishes with a moment for sharing experiences and thoughts (or silence) drinking locally grown organic tea.

Surf and Yoga

'Yoga Sámkhya instructor, certified by the Portuguese Yoga Confederation; Surfer for more than 10 years and Medical Doctor by the University of Salamanca'






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